Regulating Online Gambling in Mauritius

Mauritius aims to build an online gaming platform to tackle money laundering via internet gambling. The administration wants to make internet gambling legal.

The Authority is interested in generating large tax revenue from online gaming and betting. As a result, the GRA has invited local or foreign bidders to submit bids for the development of interactive gaming in Mauritius. The deadline for interested firms has been extended twice owing to the global Covid-19 health restriction. Concerned parties have until March 2021 to respond.

The GRA Act states there is game betting, but it hasn’t been implemented. According to one of the organization’s senior officials,

many Mauritius people are now wagering online, although illegally. “Bettors utilize a legal loophole to wager on internet betting sites like Bet365 and Ladbrokes, which is illegal.” “With what is going on today, the state is losing money,” he argues. “Once internet betting is legalized, the nation will profit from every transaction,” he stated. As previously stated, the introduction of this platform aims to prevent money laundering via online gaming.

The Authority wants to create best practices to combat unlawful betting and money laundering.

Part of the rule disenfranchises Mauritanians. It will be just for foreigners. However, most forms of gambling have been legal since 1973 and controlled by the Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA), a body founded in 2007 and overseen by the Prime Minister’s Office. The Regulatory Board monitors and governs gambling and gaming operations, and promotes responsible gambling in Mauritius.

The agency also issues licenses for lottery, casinos, and sports betting. However,

sports betting is the most popular type of horseracing betting in Mauritius, and it generates significant money for the Authority. The horse racing board contains one of the world’s oldest racecourses, the Champ de Mars, which opened in 1812. The Authority has committed to regularizing the internet industry after uncovering its flaws. However, numerous overseas bookmakers target players in the nation without generating any money, despite the Authority’s attempt to regulate the business.

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