auto-racing-nascar-car-sport-39619Betterduck, Inc. was founded by three friends in 2011.  Their original dream hurled them into the racing world that took them all over the state to see a variety of motorsport races.  Everything from drag boats to motorcycles to drifting to sprint cars.  After coming up for air in 2014, they realized that dreams change but their love for racing wouldn’t.

Shifting course, Scott, Cindy, and Mitch found Monster Seal Tire Sealant and new friends.  One of those friends, Dennis Fitzpatrick, believed in Monster Seal Tire Sealant so much, he decided to become a partner and join the renamed company, Eco Transportation Products, Inc.  The four realized that there was a real need for a quality,pexels-photo-1119796 eco-friendly tire sealant, that really works.

Scott and Mitch still go to races, that won’t ever change, but they have narrowed their race schedule just a bit so that they can dedicate themselves to sell the best Tire Sealant on the market.