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“MONSTER SEAL has saved us thousands, and countless headaches over the past 15 years. We don’t even think about flats and downtime anymore. I can”t remember the last time we had a flat repaired. We’ve pulled so much stuff out of our tires, and Monster Seal sealed every puncture. We use it in all of our Trucks, tractors, and trailers, and wouldn’t even think about going onto a job site with Monster Seal in our tires. If less downtime and more profits are important… use Monster Seal.” 
Jeff Mello, Mello Pipelines, Inc.


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Valley Crest Landscape Co.

“Monster Seal words great day after day, year after year.  We’ve used Monster Seal for years in our riding mowers, walk behind mowers, trenchers, tractors, trailers, trucks, etc.  It works perfectly every time.  It’s fast and easy to use.  Monster Seal has saved us a lot of 2money from flats and downtime and a lot of hassles from switching out and repairing flats.  We recommend Monster Seal to any landscaping company.  It keeps your crews and equipment on the job and on time.”

Salverio, Fleet Tire Manager






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Monster Seal Tire Sealant – John Deere Loader

Five Year Case Study – Jan 2010 through May 2015

In January of 2010, Pape Machinery – John Deere dealer in Fowler, California and Monster Seal joined together to conduct a case study designed to evaluate the effectiveness of Monster Seal tire sealant used in large pneumatic loader tires, working in high flat-rate conditions.  This case study has been underway for five and a half years. 

The subject of the study was a large John Deere loader working around the clock moving and loading recycled wood scrap onto conveyor belts at a co-generation power plant facility in central California.  The wood scrap mainly consists of materials removed from demolished buildings and structures and contains millions of nails, bolts, screws and other sharp puncturing objects of various size, diameter, and length.  

The objective of the study is to compare the sealing characteristics of Monster Seal liquid tire sealant to that of tires filled with a polyurethane flat proofing material.  The use of a liquid sealant allows the user to use pneumatic air filled tires vs replacing the air with the solid polyurethane material.  The liquid sealant is much less expensive and weighs a fraction of what the polyurethane material weighs. 

Prior to starting the Monster Seal tire sealant evaluation, the John Deere loader had fitted with tires filled with the polyurethane compound which replaces the air and converted the pneumatic tires into very heavy self-sealing solid tires.  These specially treated tires were used due to the extremely high flat rate conditions, and because downtime is not an option at the power plant facility. 

The loader’s worn out polyurethane filled tires containing thousands of puncturing objects were replaced with brand new pneumatic tires and treated with Monster Seal heavy duty tire sealant.  Within the first few minutes of operation, the new treated tires started collecting numerous puncturing objects, which were instantly sealed by the Monster Seal tire sealant.  Over the following five years plus and tens of thousands operating hours, Monster Seal tire sealant has repaired thousands of tread area punctures and prevented countless flat tires and costly downtime.  

The John Deere loader has not had a single tread area puncture flat tire since the installation of the Monster Seal tire sealant in January of 2010.  If this is not amazing enough, the additional benefits as a result of using Monster Seal tire sealant are equally as impressive, and a pleasant surprise to the customer.

Benefits from using Monster Seal tire sealant:

  1.  The Monster Seal tire sealant prevented thousands of tread area puncture flat tires and costly downtime from January 2010 through May 2015. 
  2.  During this five-year time frame, the loader would have gone through two sets of tires treated with the polyurethane fill material.  As a result of using Monster Seal tire sealant, the loader is still operating on the first set of tires and one Monster Seal treatment, eliminating the cost of one additional set of tires, and two solid fill treatments, saving them tens of thousands of dollars. 
  3.  The operators quickly realized the performance of the loader significantly increased as a result of eliminating thousands of pounds of solid fill material used in the four tires.  The loader was quicker and easier to maneuver.
  4.  As a result of the loader being lighter, the operator confirmed the fuel economy was improved.  Less weight being moved, equals less fuel being used.  
  5.  The loader operators also confirmed the ride comfort was significantly improved by using pneumatic tires with Monster Seal tire sealant vs tires treated with the polyurethane fill material.  The comfort and cushion of air-filled tires was preferred, compared to the more rigid and rough ride of the tires filled with the polyurethane fill material. 
  6.  The wear and tear on the loader electronics, drive train, transmission, and other components were significantly reduced as a result of less weight and less vibration by operating on pneumatic tires treated with Monster Seal vs and tires treated with polyurethane fill material. 



The five year plus case study confirmed Monster Seal tire sealant prevented thousands of flat tires and costly downtime, and significantly improved the tire life, fuel economy, ride comfort and performance while reducing the wear and tear of the loader.  The use of Monster Seal also saved the user tens of thousands of dollars related to the cost of a second set of tires and two solid fill treatments.  The user has purchased a second loader treated with Monster Seal tire sealant and looks forward to countless years of the superior performance provided by Monster Seal tire sealant.