Easy Installation Instructions

How to Use the Eco Transportation Products Installation Gun:

    1. Attach the gun to the stem valve, the brass end to stem
    2. Turn the knob counter-clockwise to loosen the valve core
    3. Pull the shaft back fully
    4. Make sure all airline connections are secure
    5. Open air at the pump, make sure pressure is at 60PSI
    6. Open sealant line to install Monster Seal® Tire Sealant
  1. Check meter for the correct amount required per tire
  2. Close sealant line once the correct amount of Monster Seal® Tire Sealant is installed
  3. Check air pressure with the attached gauge and top off the tire if needed.  We recommend you shoot a small amount of air to clear the gun
  4. Reinsert valve core turning clockwise until tighten
  5. Remove gun at the valve stem
  6. Proceed to the next tire