Easy Installation

Thanks to Dave Pricket, our Central California distributor of Monster Seal® Tire Sealant, we’ve created a proprietary installation system that makes installing Monster Seal® Tire Sealant clean, quick, and easy.  Partnering up with Ingersoll Rand, including becoming a distributor of Ingersoll Rand products, we can deliver a proprietary pump system that will install Monster Seal® Tire Sealant into a tire (11R – 22.5) in less than one minute!

  • Using a closed, sealed system, our proprietary installation system easily and quickly distributes Monster Seal® Tire Sealant into a tire without the mess
  • Using our system will create a minimal loss of tire pressure
  • During our proprietary installation process tires can be easily repressurized to the required p.s.i.


Easy Installation Instructions

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Eco-Friendly Easy Installation