Monster Seal® Tire Sealant is a product that reduces the consumption of natural resources and reduces solid waste going into landfills!

Monster Seal® Tire Sealant  is an eco-friendly product

  • maintaining proper tire pressure can improve fuel efficiency by up to 3%
  • keeps tires out of landfills longer by eliminating tire rim, bead, and porosity leaks while maintaining proper tire pressure increasing the life of the tire by 10%
  • is biodegradable (in open air) and water soluble for easy power wash cleanout prior to retreading
  • contains 50% Ethylene Glycol, 70% of which is recycled
  • has Recycled Fibers and Plastic Particulates
  • is Non- Hazardous and Non- flammable
  • is not packaged under pressure
  • has Anti- Corrosion Inhibitors
  • is PH Neutral

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