Save Money

Saving Money is important to your business that’s why you need Monster Seal® Tire Sealant.

Monster Seal® Tire Sealant helps improve tire life and fuel economy

  • coats tread area and side wall to help maintain proper air pressure
  • seals up to 1/2″ in diameter punctures in Standard fleet tires (11R – 22.5)
  • seals bead, rim, and porosity leaks
  • will not corrode wheels due to an anti-corrosive formula
  • reduces tread and core temperature of the entire tire by 20 to 40 degrees

Monster Seal® Tire Sealant reduces costly downtime and expenses due to tire issues

  • prevents flat tires due to tread area punctures
  • works for the life of both on and off-road tires
  • comes premixed and ready to use so there is no mixing
  • apply Monster Seal® Tire Sealant ONCE for use during the life of the tire

Monster Seal® Tire Sealant is fast safe and easy to use!

Monster Seal® Tire Sealant is the Best Commercial Tire Sealant on the Market Today!

Save Money

Eco-Friendly Easy Installation