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“We have been a Monster Seal® Tire Sealant dealer for over 15 years. We’ve tried many different sealants and happily state, Monster Seal® Tire Sealant does exactly what it says it does.” Ric Orlandi, President Orlandi Trailer, Inc.
“When our new tires are mounted we’ve confirmed the inside of our wheels still look like new, and the Monster Seal® always remains liquid and evenly coated on the inside of the old tires. Good Year techs have also confirmed Monster Seal® hasn’t had any adverse effects on our tires and wheels. We’ll always use Monster Seal in our entire fleet of tractors, trucks, trailers, street sweepers, UTVs, mowers, police cars, and more.” Steve Regan, Public Works Fleet Manger, Town of Lost Gatos, California.
“We use Monster Seal® in our street sweepers, tractors, trucks, riding mowers, UTV carts and more. It’s very easy to install and clean up. It prevents flats and helps maintain tire pressure. It last for the life of the tire and has eliminated countless headaches” Tom Conte, City of San Jose, California
“We have performed tread puncture tests and confirm Monster Seal® Tire Sealant continues to seal the punctures after thousands of miles and performs for the life of the tire to prevent porosity leaks and maintains air pressure.” Ric Orlandi, President Orlandi Trailer, Inc.
“Monster Seal® Tire Sealant prevents flats for all our customers with trailers, motor homes, camper, toy haulers, trash dump trailers, vehicle haulers and more. Monster Seal® is easy to sell, and simple to install from the retail bottles, one gallon, and the 5-gallon pails.” Ric Orlandi, President Orlandi Trailer, Inc.
“We’ve used Monster Seal® in our rental fleet for many years. Flats are the last thing anyone needs, which is why we use and recommend Monster Seal® to all our recreation and commercial customers. Ric Orlandi, President Orlandi Trailer, Inc.”
“We also recommend Monster Seal® to any dealer who truly wants to help their customers along with their bottom line. Monster Seal®… it just works and works and works!” Ric Orlandi, President Orlandi Trailer, Inc.



Specialty vehicles include golf carts, lifts, razors, and more.

Monster Seal® Tire Sealant Works For the Life of the Tire!

  • increases the life of the tire by up to 10%
  • improves fuel efficiency by up to 3% (depending on driving conditions)
  • is applied ONE time for the life of the tire
  • reduces tread and core temperature of the entire tire by 20 to 40 degrees
  • reduces preventative maintenance time on checking tires
  • keeps air pressure constant at all times
  • prevents flat tires due to tread area punctures
  • reduces punctures between 1/4″ – 1/2″ depending on the size of the tire.
  • seals and stops bead, rim, and porosity leaks



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